Alignment of core values matters in everyone’s life. In every respect. From families, to friendships, hobbies, interests or philanthropic endeavours. Of course then, values certainly matter in business relationships. At KEY, core values represent more than words on an inspirational poster. They are the guiding principles as to how KEY approaches every single step towards the achievement of mutual success for clients and KEYpers alike.
Only those who are immersed in the industry can fully understand the mind-boggling degree of complexity and risk involved in the thousands of perfectly-timed moving pieces that come together in the creation of a new development.  Whether talking about a 50 acre master plan or a single boutique residential tower, bringing a community to life is as complicated an endeavour that others simply don’t understand. At KEY, the real estate industry is what they live and breathe.  As such, KEY has perfected  straight-forward and all-encompassing processes from first introductions to final closings. KEY is structured and process-driven making the marketing and sales of projects as streamlined and efficient as possible. KEY does this so that you don’t ever have to question the how or why of every step they take towards your success.
  • 60 minute intro meeting where we learn about the developer, project. goals and where the developer learns about KEY.
  • KEY visits project site
  • KEY determines project fit and feasibility based on KEY’s project pipeline and the overall market
  • Strategy Overview and Engagement
  • Marketing Leads Strategy with Sales in Support
  • KEY Mutually Approved Plan (MAP)
  • Budget Development & Approval
  • Product Design
  • Dream Team Composition in including Interior Design, Graphic Design, etc
  • Execution of the KEY Marketing System
  • Market Testing
  • Weekly K10 Meeting Rhythm
  • Sales Leadership Leads with Marketing in Support
  • Sales Team Assembled & Trained
  • Shop & Compare
  • Execution of the KEY Selling System
  • Weekly K10 Meeting Rhythm
  • Daily Sales Analysis & Reports
Customer Care
  • Customer Care Leads, Marketing & Sales in Support
  • Buyers Well Supported
  • Amendments
  • Deposits
  • Completion Notice
  • Schedule walkthroughs
Though KEY is known in the industry as Project Marketers, the truth of the matter is that their scope of work for clients begins long before marketing begins, and doesn’t end until well past the final closing.  KEY brings all necessary market intelligence, analysis, and experience in the strategic planning and execution of all facets of project development including but not limited to:
Site Acquisition
Sales & Project Marketing
Customer Care
Strategy Development
Market Intelligence
KEY has the single largest realtor network of all project marketers in BC. Nearly 14,000 relationships that have been developed and nurtured over more than a decade gives KEY the capability to move residential product at a speed and volume that a single developer cannot.
A solid decade before the Government implemented much-needed legislation in the matter, KEY had already been proven as a leader in the endorsement of consumer rights with the encouragement of buyers to seek agent representation. KEY had long since perfected these working relationships and as a result nobody does it better.
KEY does not represent buyers, KEY only represents the developer. In contrast, most of KEY's competitors represent both parties with impunity. As a result, KEY enjoys more long-term loyal support from buyers agents than everybody else. KEY removes the risk that a realtor will lose their own client to KEY.