From finding good development sites to delivering happy buyers at completion. And everything in between.

The Key Guarantee

We have learned service is Key to success. Key is the only project marketing company that guarantees ‘best service’ as Key is the only company that survey’s everybody that engages on a project including registrants, REALTORS® and all visitors to the sales centre. Each and every person who engages with a Key project will be invited to fill out a questionnaire to see how their experience with a Key project was. Anybody with an experience less than 9/10 will be called by a member of senior management. The information gained will be used to rectify the experience and improve the experience of new customers.

Market Intelligence

Key Marketing employs a full time Market Analyst and shares real time market intelligence with Key Developers through daily analysis of information from a vast network of friends working at every development company and project marketing firm, REALTORS®, sales centre staff, rezoning and development applications, REALNET by Altus Group, NEW HOME SOURCE by Urban AnalyticsAutoprop, Paragon, UDI, ULI, Real Estate Boards, important real estate market blogs and websites, market reports from large commercial brokerages, news and social media.

Strategy Development

Strategy is the Key to success of any project. All Key projects are successful because for each we identify developer goals early and design a concise OPP (One Page Plan™) to accomplish them. But that’s not the end of it. After the project team develops the OPP they defend it to the greater Key team in the same way a doctoral student defends their thesis. The result is a better strategy the entire Key team is in unanimous support of. Then it’s presented to the developer for final approval. We don’t stop there. OPPs are reviewed and updated monthly so they’re never out of date.


The Key Marketing System is the best in the world because it gets better every day. It begins with research and analysis, moves into the MAP and product development, building a team of great consultants, then budgets, timelines, communication plans and of course the launch. In a culture of constant improvement the system constantly improves and so do the project marketing campaigns. Marketing and sales performance is rigorously reviewed to calculate Marketing ROI. Tweaks, refinements and reallocations are made to achieve the price and budget performance Key is famous for.

Realtor® Relationships

Key has the strongest REALTOR® relationships in the industry for many reasons. One important reason is that Key is not active in resale or in representing buyers. REALTORS® have no fear that their clients will become Key clients. Key is completely aligned with REALTORS®. Key truly understands and loves REALTORS®. They’re our partners and lifeblood of Key’s distribution network.

Home Sales

Key Sales Teams benefit from extensive training on Key Standards and Best Practices, location, developer, product, contracts, target markets and more. They’re well equipped with technology and fully supported by Key Customer Care. They live in a constant information loop with Marketing where they’re kept up to date on outgoing messaging, incoming data and report on all communication and results with prospective purchasers, marketing performance, satisfaction ratings, etc. Key Sales Services include sales team recruitment, training, motivation, performance monitoring and management.

Cost Controls

Key Marketing provides complete sales and marketing budgets and forecasted cash flows for every project. Key brings a wealth of experience in a diverse range of projects from townhome to master-planned community. With this experience comes the knowledge of appropriate costs for all marketing and sales related activities. Add wonderful relationships with a huge stable of top quality suppliers, a competitive bid process, double checks and tried and true purchase order, cost verification and authorization systems. Combine all of that with the buying power generated by all of Key’s projects and Key developers enjoy substantial savings on every line item in the budget.

Product Design

Through selling billions of dollars worth of condos and a genuine passion for design and constant improvement, Key adds significant value to real estate through early input, optimization of unit mix and sizes, floor plans and amenities as well as increased building efficiency. Look forward to receiving a Unit Mix and Floor Plan Recommendation from Key Marketing which far exceeds expectations of even the most experienced architects.

Highest Best Use

Developers utilize Key Marketing when acquiring land regarding the highest and best use based on current and future market demand. Key is completely immersed in the market and well equipped to work with developers and architects to maximize the potential of a development site at this stage and throughout the development process.

Rezoning Assistance

Key Marketing has strong relationships with leading architects, development consultants, cities and districts. Every project, city and market is different. Key understands and aligns with developer goals, then helps developers build the right team for the project. With an understanding of the team, rezoning process and market conditions, Key builds sales and marketing timelines developers can plan around.

Contract Administration

Key Marketing is real estate brokerage licensed in BC and maintains an excellent track record with the RECBC. Key Sales Centres are paperless paradises of organizational flow. We use Avesdo Technologies at the source of contract writing to gather data and generates contracts. Documents are signed digitally and securely – all in real-time which allows for sharing of data amongst all stakeholders, avoiding errors, creating efficiencies and eliminating paper. Key offers a complete audit trail and history report of your documents so you can review and audit your documents with ease. View reporting of your actual sales prices including upgrades, decorative allowances, credits, and REALTOR® commissions. See the performance of your sales team with complete transparency. Integrate with your law firm and submit purchaser info along with accepted purchase contracts and addenda directly to your law firm without re-entering any data.

Customer Care

Presale buyers are generally please with the sales team and then feel abandoned after the sale is made. They have a long wait for their home. They deserve to be well taken care of and need a lot of communication. Key Customer Care takes over from the sales team as soon as the contract goes firm and communicates in English, Mandarin & Cantonese to ensure the contract is rock solid and all purchaser options, addendums, disclosure statement amendments and any unforeseen contract issues are handled quickly and efficiently.

Project Marketing & Sales Audits

Sometimes a lender or developer needs an outside perspective on a project. The Key Marketing team has experience with 150 real estate projects ranging in size from $17M to $3B and leads the industry in best practices. Key has audited ongoing sales and marketing campaigns in varying scopes from as simple as secret shopping to full blown audits; with amazing results. In some cases the most basic math had not been done to understand the efficiency or performance of any of the marketing campaigns. In one case hundreds of thousands of dollars had been spent on advertising generating over 1,000 registrants but none had ever been called.

Commercial Sales 

Key Marketing sells or leases retail, office and restaurant space within its mixed use projects only by leveraging its vast investor network as well its network of leading brands, such as CEFA, that bring value to condo projects by adding value to home buyers and strengthening the developer’s construction loan package. The commercial component of mixed use projects can be a valuable amenity to home buyers if the tenants can be identified before or during the condo marketing campaign. Buyers pay less for homes when they don’t know what they will be living above.

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